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New Charter Dates Posted!

Ok, folks! We have our new set of 3/4-day charter dates. To sign up, send us an email to, and provide your name, preferred charter date, and number of people in your party. We're limiting these to 1 trip/person to allow as much participation as possible, and you may bring 1 guest with you.

Here are the dates:
July 17, 18 (out of Seaforth Landing)
August 16, 17, 22, 23 (out of Oceanside)
Aug 28, 29 (out of Seaforth Landing)

I'll respond to your emails as quickly as possible, and I'll update our FB page with remaining spaces available. Trip/boat details will be sent out when we get a bit closer to the charter date. Thank you all for your participation! We're looking forward to another season of tagging!


Inside Sportfishing clip, Part III: Alayna Siddall from the Sportfishing Association of California talks about their role in the tagging project!

Inside Sportfishing clip, Part II: Chris Russell from Shimano chats about our recent tagging trip!

Inside Sportfishing clip, Part I: Brief interview with Lyall Bellquist aboard our recent tagging trip!

Tagging project update

Check out the new tagging project update in Pacific Coast Sportfishing, written by Erik Landesfeind!

New Scripps tagging skiff!

We just had our brand new 19ft Guardian delivered to the lab! This is the newest addition to the Scripps Pier skiff fleet, and it will be our new diving/research platform for the tagging project! Who wants to name her?! Send us your ideas!!! smiley

Unbelievable success aboard our June 2014 tagging trips!!

We recently started our summer tagging charters, and we have tagged over three thousand bass in the last two weeks in Point Loma and La Jolla! Fishing has been absoultely amazing, our boat crews have been fantastic, and everyone has had such a great time participating with the research. Check out more project updates on our Facebook page! Thank you to all those who have supported the project along the way!

Get ready for another tagging season!

The new tagging schedule is finally ready for our charters this season! We will post the new schedule on our website as well as our Facebook page (search for "Coastal Angler Tagging Cooperative") this coming Friday, May 9th at approximately 6:30pm. All the trips are free. Just show up with your bass gear, and be ready to put some fish in the wells! smiley To book a spot for yourself, just wait for the schedule to be posted, pick a date that works for you, and email us at We want to give everyone a chance to participate in the research, so please limit yourself to one tagging trip for this round. We will create a wait-list for each date because we sometimes have last-minute cancellations. You are also welcome to invite guests.

Thank you so much for all your support along the way!! This project would not have been successful without the help from so many people and organizations, especially the recreational fishing fleet in southern California.

Very successful tagging trips this October!

We have had a fantastic fall season of tagging aboard local sportfishing vessels in Point Loma and La Jolla. Many more recreational anglers have joined our tagging efforts, we're getting recaptures reported regularly, and everyone has been working together to promote fisheries research and sustainability. We have two more trips this season! Stay tuned for updates about our results!

Great start with the Fall tagging charters!

We're off to a great start this Fall! We have tagged hundreds more bass aboard our tagging charters during the last two weeks, and we're very fortunate to have the support of so many fishermen and fisherwomen! Thank you, everyone! We look forward to all the upcoming trips this month!


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