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Fishing La Jolla and Point Loma Oct 22nd, 24th, and 25th

This week we had three awesome days on the water. We fished aboard the Sea Watch and the Daily Double in La Jolla and Point Loma, and we tagged and released over 800 bass in three trips. One of the goals of the project is to tag fish inside marine reserves to compare measurements of population size and movement patterns both inside and outside the reserve boundaries, so we were permitted to tag and release inside local marine reserves. Two of our trips this week focused on tagging inside La Jolla cove, and we caught a lot of nice calicos, including a few over 7lbs and several in the 4-6lb range. The crews aboard the Sea Watch and Daily Double are all great guys who are really helpful. We have two more trips scheduled next week! All of our bass charters are open to the public for free. All you need to do is contact us with your email (, and we'll put you on the email list for upcoming trips. We have a lot more fish to tag, so come on out! Also, we want to thank Tommy Gomes and Catalina Offshore Products again for their support of the project...the Uni Goop definitely brought the fish in!

Photos from Oct 22nd


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Great day on the water!

La Jolla Oct 22

Yesterday was an unbelievable day on the water aboard the Sea Watch. The crew was absolutely awesome, and they made live squid the night before for us. We ended up tagging about 400 calicos to just over 7 lbs!!! We even got a few recaptures from the same day! In other words, we tagged-and-released a calico, and then we caught the same tagged calico about 15 minutes later! We also tagged a few sand bass, and released a number of short white seabass, sheephead, rockfishes (kelps and browns), sargo, and one big fat cabezon :-) The trip aboard the Sea Watch tomorrow is already full, but the trip aboard the Daily Double on Thursday still has a couple spots! Contact us if you can make it! We never fish more than 20 people on a trip, so everyone has plenty of room.

San Diego Bay Oct 21

I fished with Dennis Burlason on Sunday morning on his boat in SD Bay. It was raining the night before, so I called Dennis to ask whether he thought that mattered, and his response was, "The fish are already wet!" :-) So we went out and had a fantastic morning...we tagged several spotties in south bay, and also caught a fair number of short halibut. If anyone wants to help us tag spotties and sand bass in SD Bay or Mission Bay, please contact us! Thanks, Dennis!

Calico charters next week Mon, Wed, & Thurs (Oct 22, 24, 25)

We're running three more charters next week! We'll be fishing La Jolla on Mon and Wed, and in Point Loma on Thurs. Email us if you can make it out for any of those days!

Charters this week

We had two charters scheduled on the Daily Double for Tues (10/16) and Thurs (10/18) this week. Tues was a fantastic day...we tagged almost 100 calicos in Point Loma kelp! We also caught some short white seabass and a couple dozen rockfish (gopher, kelp, and grass rockfishes) that were all released. Everyone had an awesome time, and Bruce grills an insane galley burger! Most of the calicos came on light line with flylined squid strips off the stern. Tommy Gomes was very generous and donated a bunch of Uni-Goop and Uni Butter for the trip. As a result, we had an awesome chum line off the stern that kept the calicos a massive thank you to Tommy Gomes, Catalina Offshore Products, Dave Rudie, and the San Diego Oceans Foundation ( we all showed up for the trip, but the wind and swell had picked up quite a bit overnight. Both factors combined had already caused some of the other boats to turn around as soon as they got outside the bay. We decided to cancel and reschedule for next it looks like we're running three charters next week. We'll post the dates later today.

Charters scheduled for Oct 16th and 18th

We're chartering the Daily Double out of Point Loma Sportfishing this coming week on Tues and Thurs Oct 16th and 18th. Let us know if you want to come out! Fishing is free, and we'll be tagging and releasing our catch! Food and drinks are not included on these trips, but you are welcome to bring your own, or buy a galley burger on the boat! We're keeping a limited load on these trips so everyone can fish comfortably. Come on out!



Wish I could have gone!

San Diego Rod and Reel Club meeting

We gave a 1-hour research presentation last night to the San Diego Rod and Reel Club at Bali Hai last night in Point Loma. Everyone gave me tons of positive feedback, and hopefully we got some more volunteer anglers interested in helping with the project! I even won a box of swimbaits in the raffle :) We're always eager to present our research to local fishing organizations! Thanks for the opportunity!

Just finished two more back-to-back tagging trips 10/1-2/12

We just had two more charters aboard the Outer Limits yesterday and today. Both trips were fantastic! We tagged 130 calicos yesterday, and we also caught and released two nice lingcod, some cabezon and sheephead, and 6 species of rockfish. Today the conditions were a little tougher, but we still tagged another 50 fish, including Art Hill's nice calico in the photo (thank you Optimum Baits for donating plastics to the tagging effort!!!!). Ted Barcia also recaptured a calico that was tagged the day before, so now he's in the monthly raffle for tag rewards! Bob Fletcher came out yesterday along with Ken Franke, and we all had a fantastic time. Ken's crew really goes above and beyond to find the fish! We're looking forward to the next trip!

First tagging trip

We had our first ¾-day tagging charter on Tuesday, Sept 25th aboard the Outer Limits out of Seaforth Landing! We tagged a fair number of calicos and a sand bass, and also caught a nice 28" halibut, barracuda, yellowtail, white seabass, and five species of shallow water rockfish (all released). It was a great day on the water.sunny, glassy, solid research crew, awesome boat crew, great volunteer fishermen, fantastic food, and fun fishing! The first trip was a perfect start to the next two years of data collection. We're doing more charter trips soon, so let us know if you want to be involved!

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