Research Updates

We had a great week at the Fred Hall Show! Thank you!

Thank you everyone for all your support at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach! We received a ton of positive feedback, and we recruited some new bass taggers to help with the project! We're looking forward to another great show in Del Mar next week!

Come by the booth at the Fred Hall show in Long Beach!

Great first day at the Fred Hall fishing show in Long Beach!

The show started really well yesterday, and the booth looks great, so stop by and chat with us about the project! We're located in booth 0604, in the main exhibit hall right across the aisle from M&M Custom Rods and Bloodydecks.

New Facebook page!

We just created a new Facebook page for the Coastal Angler Tagging's still being developed, but feel free to check out our photos from past tagging charters. More to come soon!

Fred Hall Fishing and Boat Show

Stop by our booth at the Fred Hall Fishing and Boat Show in both Long Beach and Del Mar this year! You can sign up for future tagging charters, learn more about the project, and hear us give seminars about the tagging results! I have worked for the Hall family for the last 22 years at the fishing shows, and this time I'm setting up a booth to educate people about our research. Hope to see ya there!

San Diego Anglers tournament last Saturday

We tagged more spotties at the SDA tournament over the weekend, and we got our first recaptured fish from Mission Bay the other day! Thank you to San Diego Anglers!

Tagging this Saturday at the SBS tournament

We'll be tagging this Saturday at the Saltwater Bass Series ( tournament at Shelter Island. Some of these fish will actually be caught by teams in Mission Bay, and then transported to San Diego Bay for the weigh-in. This will be interesting because it will allow us to begin answering questions about the potential homing abilities of bass. Should be fun!

Tagging success at the 18th annual SDA Open Bay Bass Tournament!

With the help of many people today, including Dwayne Patenaude of San Diego Anglers as well as Bob Fletcher, we tagged 160 bass at the tournament in San Diego Bay. We also had a table set up inside the main tent and received a lot of great feedback and information from everyone. Huge thanks to San Diego Anglers!!!

Tagging tomorrow at the 18th annual SDA Open Bay Bass Tournament

It looks like the weather won't be cooperating, BUT we'll still be there! Come stop by our table to talk about the project. We'll be tagging and releasing all the bass that are brought to the weigh-in. Looking forward to it! Thanks to Dwayne Patenaude for allowing us to do this again this year!

December raffle winner!

Eric McCully is the new raffle winner for last December! He caught a record 8 tagged fish in one day aboard the Sea Watch in La Jolla on December 6th. Nice job, Eric! A $200 gas card is being mailed to you! :)


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