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New calico tagging charter schedule will be posted and emailed this Thursday at 6:30pm

We just finalized the new fall calico charter schedule! It will be 1) posted on the Facebook page (Coastal Angler Tagging Cooperative) 2) sent via email to our current email list and 3) posted on our website....all this Thursday at approximately 6:30pm.

There will be several charters in the month of October, but please limit yourself to two trips only, and please only sign up for trips if you will show up. THANK YOU so much for all your help! This project has been a huge success, and we hope to tag another 8,000 bass in the next year!

Thank you!

Latest summary of tagging results

So far we have tagged-and-released over 8000 calico bass, sand bass, and spotted bay bass combined from Imperial Beach to Long Beach, including San Diego Bay and Mission Bay! Our largest tagged fish was an 8lb calico in La Jolla, and our best day was July 1st this year with 1015 bass tagged in one day! Most of the fish are being recaptured close to where they were initially tagged, but we had one calico swim from La Jolla to San Clemente, and several sand bass swim from San Diego Bay to Tijuana flats! Thank you all for your help with the project!! More to come soon!!

Another great day of tagging off Imperial Beach today!

We tagged aboard the Fisherman III today out of H&M Landing. We had a great day with tons of fish tagged, and we released a small thresher shark also!

New tagging record! We tagged 1020 bass today!!

Tagging aboard the Sea Watch off La Jolla today was absolutely unbelievable!! We tagged 1020 bass for kelp 19 anglers...that's 54 bass per angler!! I never imagined that would even be possible in a single trip. Everyone had a fantastic time, and I tagged as fast as I possibly could to keep up with everyone. Thank you all!!!!

Tagged 500 more bass yesterday!

We had another fantastic day of tagging yesterday! We started off with a 3/4-day charter aboard the Sea Watch, and then hopped aboard the New Seaforth for the San Diego Anglers twilight charter. Two trips back-to-back allowed us to tag another 500 bass in La Jolla!! Thank you so much to the crew of both boats, to all the folks who helped out, and to the San Diego Anglers for inviting me aboard!!

Many of the tags are coated with a layer of algae

Many of the tags are now covered with a layer of brown or red algae (see attached photo), so look closely when you catch one!

Even more success aboard the Sea Watch yesterday in La Jolla!

We tagged several hundred more calico (kelp) bass in the La Jolla kelp bed yesterday aboard the Sea Watch! This project would never be this successful without the help of all the volunteer anglers and the boat crews who support the research. Thank you! I'll post photos shortly!

Great day of tagging in Point Loma yesterday!

Yesterday was a great trip aboard the Point Loma. We fished up and down the Point Loma kelp bed, and tagged another 300 calicos! That makes a total of 1600 bass tagged on 4 charters during the last week, and we still have another trip tomorrow!! We have been getting some great information from all the recaptures lately, so don't forget to keep an eye out for those tags when you're out fishing for bass. Many of the tags are covered in brown/red algae, so look closely!! Thank you everyone for all your support!!

AWESOME day of bass fishing aboard the Sea Watch in La Jolla today!!

We had another fantastic day on the water today aboard the Sea Watch!! Calico bass fishing has been absolutely phenomenal lately, the weather was perfect, and the crew of the Sea Watch are awesome!! We were too busy tagging to take any photos...again! We have tagged over a thousand bass in the last week :)

HUGE success today aboard the Outer Limits in La Jolla!!!

Today was a FANTASTIC trip aboard the Outer Limits out of Seaforth Landing!!! The crew went above and beyond!! We ended up tagging 452 calicos for 18 anglers in La Jolla!! Everyone had an awesome time, and I think we all need to re-stock on swimbaits again :)  Thank you, everyone!!! Today's trip beat our past daily tagging record by 50 fish!!


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