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Long Beach breakwall yesterday

I went out yesterday with Capt. Vaughn Podmore and we fished the Long Beach breakwall. It was a great trip with flat calm weather. We tagged about a dozen calicos and sand bass in just a couple hours, which was perfect...I trained him how to do the tagging himself, and gave him the gear. We're slowly expanding north from San Diego! Check out Vaughn's website

Tagging in San Diego Bay today (Dec 4th)

I went out with James Nelson ( and his buddy, Jeremy, today. We had an awesome day of fishing/tagging! We fished from 6:30am-1:00pm and caught exactly 100 spotties in San Diego Bay, along with two legal halibut and one small corvina. I gave some tagging gear to James so he can help out with the project, even while he's guiding clients. Thank you, James and Jeremy!

Tagging in Mission Bay today

I went tagging with Kelvin Nettleton ( in Mission Bay this morning. We fished all over the bay for about 4 hours and ended up with 40 tagged spotties! Not bad for a last-minute trip! I gave him a tagging gun and some tags, so now he can do the tagging on his own and send in the data. If anyone else is interested in doing this, please contact us!

Tagging success last Friday!

We had another charter last Friday aboard the Sea Watch out of Seaforth Landing. The crew made an awesome effort and loaded the tank with live squid the night before the trip. Everyone thought  the big swell and rain was going to impact the fishing, but we were wrong! We fished the northwest kelp area off La Jolla, and ended up with over 25o calicos tagged!! Another awesome day! Thanks to all those who came out!


We have another trip scheduled for this Thursday, so come on out!

More photos from last Tues 22/27

Successful trip last Tues 11/27

We had another awesome tagging trip off La Jolla kelp on Tuesday! We tagged a bunch more calicos and a few sand bass, and we also caught and released several lingcod and a really nice sheephead (taped out to ~17-18lbs)! We're looking forward to the next trip tomorrow!

Two more calico charters (Tues, Nov 27th and Fri, Nov 30th)

We just booked two more charters to La Jolla during the week after Thanksgiving. Contact us if you want to come out!

First tagged bass in Mission Bay, Nov 20

Today we put out our first tags out in Mission Bay! Perfect day on the water! Thanks to local fishing guide, Kelvin Nettleton, for donating his time!

Check out Kelvin's website:

Underwater photo of a tagged calico in La Jolla, by Ralph Pace

Great photo, Ralph!

New article about the tagging project on bloodydecks, by Erik Landesfeind

Check out Erik's new article about the project! Thanks, Erik!


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